1 Year Anniversary!

Ahoy dear readers!

As of this past week, I have been posting BROADSIDE for 1 full year! That’s nuts!

If you’ve been here from the beginning, thank you! All of your comments make me smile every time I see them, and it makes me happy to know you enjoy reading my comic as much as I love creating it.

If you wish to throw a dollar or two my way each month to help me spend more time writing, drawing, researching, and creating extras for this comic, please take a moment to head over to my Patreon! You will get a reward for as low as $1 USD a month. That’s just $12 a year!

The wall paper rewards for this month will be two for your phones, one of Fancy Nora and Frei, and Fancy Lydia and Georgiana from the anniversary page!

Until next week, fair winds upon you all!


One response to “1 Year Anniversary!”

  1. davesprite says:

    wow, a year huh? It’s been a fun time!

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