May Hiatus – Website Facelift! + Last Call For Guest Art

Ahoy mates!

For the month of May (and maybe a week or two into June to get some Chapter 6 updates prepared), I will be taking a break from making the comic to work on giving the site a facelift! I’ve hired Jesse Fivey ( to help out with this on the coding side, and I’m super excited to get this done after years and years of agonizing over how clumsy some of the navigation on this site is and the extremely basic look.

I will finally be fleshing out the “CREW” section with portraits, descriptions, and more characters. I will ALSO add a “MAP” section that shows the sailing path of the Black Lion through the Caribbean, because what’s a pirate comic without a (treasure) map?! It will periodically be updated with their present location in the most current updates, just as a fun lil diddy.

I will be posting previews of the site development on the Patreon for all patrons if you’d like to get a sneak peek! ($1 a month and it could be yours!!)

This is also your last call to send in some guest art! I will be posting guest art during those weekends I will not be updating. If you’d like to submit some guest art, please send me an email at contact @ along with the name you’d like to be credited as, and any social media handles you’d like to have linked! Any and all are welcome to send in something!

Thank you as always for reading! I hope the last pages of Chapter 5 were worth the wait, they were certainly a blast to make.

May the winds ever fill your sails!


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