Nora, Deckhand

Age: 19

Nora is a stowaway-turned-newest-crewmember of the Black Lion, seamstress by trade, and Frei’s greatest headache. In the previous life she led, she was forced to never speak out of line, but now she takes her new-found freedom and runs with it all the way to the horizon. Because of this as well, she sees the world in a strong sense of black and white so once she makes up her mind it’s hard for her to change it.


Frei, Captain

Age: 24

Frei is the Captain of the Black Lion, best friend of Georgiana, and the greatest thief in the Caribbean. She’s not one for small talk, preferring companionable quiet or getting the job done, but can carry incredible charm when she wants to (and it’s landed her in many a lady’s bed!). She will defend her ideals and those she holds dear to the death. It’s gotten her into loads of trouble before, but to her, it’s all worth it.


Georgiana, Quartermaster

Age: 26

Georgiana, nicknamed “Georgie” only by her lover Lydia, is the quartermaster of the Black Lion, and used to be the Caribbean’s most popular stud until she fell like a stone for Lydia the first time they met. Some call her “The Scorpion” from her long trademark braid and her unbeatable skill with a sword. As Frei’s best friend, she’ll stand shoulder-to-shoulder with her in every fight, no matter the opponent or odds.


Lydia, Master Gunner

Age: 23

Lydia is the Master Gunner of the Black Lion, the tallest crew member, and Georgiana’s permanent lover. She’s usually lighthearted about everything and loves to crack jokes but can get down and dirty when it’s needed. She has a son, Richard, and her life revolves around trying to provide him with a future free of want and struggle like she had.


Alonso, Captain

Age: 23

Alonso is the only son of the Lord Admiral of Royal Spanish Navy, and it’s rising star. His whole life he has been training to serve, and he’s eager to keep his record spotless no matter the cost.




The Lord Admiral

Age: 48

The Lord Admiral of the Spanish Navy is known only as a ruthless man. It was how he rose to the top, but he carries deep scars from the things he had to sacrifice to get there.