And with that, this comic is about 40% done! Yahoo!

I will be taking off the rest of the month of May and probably a bit into June to give this website a facelift! Find out more info about that HERE.

This is also your last chance to get some guest art in if you’d like, I will be posting guest art during those weekends I will not be updating. If you’d like to submit some guest art, please send me an email to contact @ along with the name you’d like to be credited as, and any social media handles you’d like to have linked! Any and all are welcome to send in something!

4 responses to “5-64”

  1. Mabs says:

    I just started reading this comic at the recommendation from a friend. I have to say that I am absolutely charmed! I love the world you have created and how much your characters have grown over these pages. Also can I just say that I love your cast? What a great group of interesting people!!

    Thanks for this lovely comic and best of luck with all the pages to come!!

  2. Annie says:

    Love, love, love this comic! :D

  3. Jen says:

    THANK YOU for providing such an awesome queer story!!! Love it so far!!!! Representation for the win!!

  4. lard friend says:

    This comic is so good~!! I love the artstyle n the plot is very spicy. Thank u for making it <333

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