Life News – A major update!

Ahoy mateys!

Been nearly a year since I’ve made a new post here, figured it was time to get rid of the “Hiatus” post to save some you folks from a heart attack every time you come to this site.

Last summer, I moved home to get working on a life goal ever since I came back to the US four years ago from studying abroad there: Moving to Japan!

I’m pleased to announce that after a lot of hard work, it’s going to happen!

Mid-March, I will be moving to Japan to live and work there for a minimum of two years (hopefully three or four!). What does this mean for the comic? It will still update, and now that I’m between jobs, I’ll try to start creating a page buffer to have while I’m still getting settled in at my new job and life and can’t work on this comic. Chapter 5 will finish up (it’s nearly over) and I’ll have some guest artists fill in for a few weeks too.

If you’d like to submit some guest art, please send me an email to contact @ along with the name you’d like to be credited as, and any social media handles you’d like to have linked.

Thank you as always for reading, and posting wonderful comments and fanart!! That’s the stuff that keeps me going!!!

Smooth seas to you all!


4 responses to “Life News – A major update!”

  1. caribouchat says:

    Happy for you! Lots of seas around Japan, and new kinds of boats to discover ;)

  2. Luma Lilac says:

    That’s so cool! I’m so happy to hear you’re accomplishing such a big dream. I wish you the best in your travels.

  3. Felix says:

    Best of luck!

  4. Teribite says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! So excited for you!!! I hope everything turns out well!! ^.=.^♪

    And I now regret posting my comic so prematurely XD. Meh, I’ll think up something else.

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