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Ahoy there!

First, I would like to thank you for being a reader of Broadside! Leaving comments on the pages, sending me notes to tell me how much you enjoy it and even making some fanart of the characters really makes my day anytime I read or see them.

We’re now beginning the foray into Chapter 4 – Guabancex, and with this start, I am launching a Patreon to help support me, the author/illustrator/creator/supreme pirate lord as I create this comic!

I put a lot of time, effort, and my own money into creating the story, characters, doing research on the time period and cultures, and managing this website and the Tumblr, but for all that I really don’t get paid and I would like to change that. I don’t even make enough from this comic to cover web hosting costs! On Patreon, you can pledge as little as $1 per month and you’ll get a reward!

Sounds neat, right? What’s that you say? You say you DO want to throw a buck or two my way for all my hard work? Thank you!!

The Patreon can be found by clicking this link. There’s also a link at the top labeled “SUPPORT” for easy reference!

Another benefit of being paid for this is after a certain amount is reached, I can devote more time to creating more content, like side stories, backstories, and missing moments in the world of Broadside since I would have to worry less about basic needs like rent, food and water. The more that is contributed, the more content I can make! That’s fair, right?

Please consider throwing a dollar or two my way each month, and again thank you for being a reader! May fair winds fill your sails until the seas let us meet again!

Your faithful pirate captain,


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